Plotter cut heat seal material with adhesive polyester backing and a metallic finish. Due to the unique nature of its metallic surface, it is not suggested for very small details and multilayer applications. Avoid bending the application once transferred.

The product is REACH approved

Technical data
film PU plotter cut heat seal material
resistenza High washing resistance
spessore Average thickness 200 micron
press Reccomended pressure 70gf – medium (3 / 4 bar)
lama New for high thicknesses
Application instructions
15sec 15 sec.
temp 160° C
pres Medium pressure
peel Wait 3-5 sec. then remove the support
Washing instructions
wash Wait 24h after the heat transfer
dry No dry clean
lavaggio Cold – hand wash reccomended
fan Tumble dry: no
cand Do not use bleach or other aggressive chemical agents
Suitable textiles
cotone 100% Cotton
poly 100% Polyester
misto Cotton, polyester and blends of these materials (not suited for treated and dye sublimation fabrics)